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Weber Automotive Repair

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All Proper Repairs Carry a 1 Year Warranty

  • We only sell you what you need
  • We provide specialized care
  • CV, Axles, Hubs, and Bearings
  • Timing belts, Pulleys and Tensioners
  • Engine Performance, Tune-Ups, Coils, Sparks Plugs, Wires, etc.
  • Front End and suspension problems; struts and shocks
  • Fix front end noises and/or loose steering
  • Ball joints, tie-rod ends, rack and pinion, steering gear, pitman arm idler
  • Complete brake service, disc brake pads, rotor etc.
  • Cooling System, Radiator, Water Pumps, Hoses, Intake Gaskets, Radiator Fans, T-stats
  • Electrical repairs, lighting, blower motors & switches, alternators, batteries and starters
  • Drive line; u-joints, axles, differential repairs
  • Fuel injection diagnostic and repairs
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Under car services
  • Replace units such as Engines, Transmissions, Differential/Rear-End carry a 3 yr warranty.

Weber Automotive Repair
5691 Commerce Court
Sherwood, Arkansas 72120
Phone: (501) 835-8582

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